Music and Music Technology 

The purpose of the National 5 Music course is to provide students with a broad practical experience of performing, creating and understanding music. The course enable students to work independently or in collaboration with others, and can help them to plan and organise, to make decisions and to take responsibility for their own learning.

Students will develop a breadth of knowledge and understanding of music concepts and musical literacy. They learn to recognise and distinguish a range of music concepts, signs and symbols as they perform, create and listen to music.

The course allows students to develop and consolidate practical skills in music and knowledge and understanding of musical styles and concepts. They are encouraged to self-reflect and explore their creative ideas.

Understanding music through listening enables students to build on and extend their knowledge and understanding of music and influences on music.

The course provides opportunities for students to perform a range of music in solo and/or group settings.

What you will learn

Music is a practical, hands-on subject that develops your creativity and imagination, and your musical skills. You will have the opportunity to perform a variety of music in solo and/or group settings using your voice or your chosen instrument(s).You will also develop your skills in composing, arranging and improvising music, and learn about the social and cultural factors that influence music.

The course has three compulsory units.

Music: Performing Skills

In this unit you will:

• develop your performing skills on two selected instruments, or on one selected instrument and voice

• learn how to perform music accurately while maintaining the musical flow

• develop your own technical and musical performing skills

Music: Composing Skills

In this unit you will:

• experiment with and use compositional methods and music concepts in imaginative ways when creating your own music

• reflect on your own creative choices and decisions and develop a basic understanding of how composers develop their ideas and create their music.

Understanding Music

In this unit you will:

• develop your knowledge and understanding of a range of music concepts and music literacy

• learn how to identify the distinguishing features of specific music styles, and how to recognise music concepts in excerpts of music

• learn how to understand and recognise common music signs and symbols used in music notation.