In the senior phases you will work in groups to create several dramas. You will focus on your performance skills and develop your knowledge and understanding of the more technical aspects of Drama.  For the course assessment you will participate in a practical exam using a

scripted scene. You will also complete a written paper that asks you to evaluate yourself and your peers. It also assesses your ability to create dramas using the appropriate terminology.


There are hundreds of jobs available in the creative industries using your Drama qualifications. Here is a small selection.

·       Actor

·       Television presenter

·       Radio DJ

·       Community arts worker

·       Dramatherapist

·       Runner in TV or movies

·       Theatre director

·       Theatre stage manager

·       Events management

·       Script writer

·       Theatre technician

·       Make-up artist

·       Choreographer

·       Further education lecturer

·       Media researcher

·       Music producer

·       Special effects technician

·       Talent agent

·       Television floor manager

·       Casting agent

·       Theatre manager

·       Costume designer

·       Props master

·       Lighting designer

·       Director

Outside of the creative industries, your Drama qualification would still be valuable in many jobs and careers.

·       Lawyer

·       Politician

·       Teacher

·       Management

·       Social work

·       Marketing

·       Advertising

·       Business sector

·       Financial adviser

·       Secondary school teacher

·       Sales representative

·       Estate agent

·       Public relations