Modern Studies is one of the most relevant, dynamic and exciting subjects offered at Broxburn Academy.

Modern Studies opens up the World and helps learners understand what is happening around them. This subject will teach you about global issues such as conflict, terrorism, corrupt governments and how countries are run. It will also teach you about important social

issues such as crime and the law, criminology, the police, racial inequality and prisons.

Studying Modern Studies at Broxburn Academy can offer you the opportunity to attend the Scottish Parliament on a school trip.

National 4/5 - Crime and the Law; Terrorism and Scottish Democracy.

Higher - Social Inequality in the UK; The USA (International influence, racial inequalities); and Democracy in the UK.

Advanced Higher - Understanding Criminal Behaviour, Punishments and Prisons.

Where can Modern Studies take you?

Exciting careers await in areas such as: journalism, media, business, teaching, law, politics , military, intelligence, international work and organisations (NGOs and charities), research, civil service, diplomatic work etc.