At National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, the Course aims to allow candidates to develop a philosophical approach to the study of beliefs, values and issues which are of importance in the world today.

Scottish society has, in large part, been shaped by its Christian heritage and influenced by the many world faiths which are followed by its citizens today.  Non-religious philosophical traditions have also played an important role in this process.  As a result, the people of

Scotland hold a wide range of beliefs and values which reflect this rich diversity of influence.  Contemporary Scottish society can therefore accurately be described as both multi-faith and multi-cultural.  In such a society, it is of vital importance that each person has the opportunity to explore and strengthen their own beliefs and values in an atmosphere of respect.  This atmosphere can only be fostered if individuals also have understanding and appreciation of the different beliefs and values which others hold.  Recognition of shared values and goals strengthens individual communities and society as a whole; appreciation of difference enriches society and the lives of all its members.

RMPS is a valuable subject to promote skills valued in the world of work.  The Future of Jobs Report of 2020 states that by 2025 one of the top skills employers will be looking for is critical thinking (World Economic Forum 2020) this skill is integral to our curriculum.  In addition, we take every opportunity to develop and enhance our students literacy throughout their time with us. Analysis and

Evaluation are key elements of our lessons and are promoted to ensure exam success. RMPS is a highly creative subject giving pupils the ability to enhance their discursive and persuasive skills. Beyond the workplace many universities now specifically require a higher qualification in RMPS as an entry requirement.

This course has three mandatory units which are:

·       World Religion

·       Morality and Belief

·       Religious and Philosophical questions