We focus on practical strategies to develop the four capacities of the 'supple learning mind'; Reciprocity, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulnessand Resilience.  Our overall aim is to develop a pupil's skills and mind-set, so that not only are they more successful learning in school, but also they are able to continue to be independent and effective learners once they leave school.

Alongside training for pupils and staff, we also offer a series of four workshops for parents exploring the strategies to develop these principles in our young people.

The sessions are also an opportunity for parents/carers to:

  • Meet other parents/carers
  • Find out more about what goes on in school
  • Ask questions

Feedback from parents who have already attended the workshops states that they were given a'better insight into what happens at school'. Provided with an 'excellent opportunity to develop a relationship with the school' and have gained 'strategies towards helping my child' Everyone involved also noted the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and commented on how enjoyable the workshops are!!


Building Learning Power Brain