16 December

As we all prepare for our senior school Prelim Examinations please see below information, please read this carefully. 

Examination Diet

  • Main Prelim Examination Diet - 9th Jan to 9th February
  • There will also be some examinations that are out with the main diet - for example those that are 50 minutes, or shorter, to allow some spread of the examinations


Examination Preparation

  • There is a short series of examination support assemblies on Teams: Week 1: Prelim examination times and expectations, Week 2: Tuesday 6th Dec - 'How to Succeed'. Mr McCulloch PT Maths will lead this and Week 3: Mindfulness.
  • Examination timetable available Monday 5th December - get organised if you aren't already!
  • Ensure you know where you are in your learning, know where you need to be and what you can do about it, including discussions with teachers, Progress, study support, study techniques, study timetable, Achieve, etc.
  • Be prepared for the examinations - set reminders, be on time, have the items you need for an examination. If you are concerned you do not have the items you would need for your examinations talk to your teacher about this.


Prelim Examinations

  • Most examinations, though not all, will be in the Assembly Hall
  • Keep your prelim timetable somewhere safe
  • Check your mobile phone into the school office before your prelim examination
  • Arrive on time - you may not be allowed to enter the exam hall after a certain time (as would happen in the SQA examinations)
  • Examinations have been planned to make the most of the diet. However, if you find you have too many prelims in a day please discuss this with your teachers and we will look to support you.
  • As per the SQA exams, you might have two examinations at the same time. Discuss this with your class teacher and we will put one examination in at an alternative time.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed please talk to one of us. This may be your Head of House, class teacher or someone you feel comfortable talking to.


Very best wishes! Mrs Winton